A few weeks ago my mother asked whether I could handmake a card for her friend from work. Her friend’s grandbaby is going into surgery at the end of the month and she wanted to give her family something thoughtful and handmade (that was teddy bear themed).
Initially the request was for an illustrated card but I’m not particularly confident in my drawing skills (concerned the card/ artwork would come out flat). Instead I decided on creating a layered card using cardboard paper, felt sheets, watercolour paper and adhesives. I wanted the artwork to have a visual and tactile-functionality (I read somewhere that children respond to touching objects and vibrant colour best).

The keywords for this project I used were vibrant (uplifting), textural (soft) and bright (hopeful).
My mother shared a picture of her friend’s grandbaby. I used the image as reference to produce a few quick sketches. After drawing with Posca markers for a bit I moved onto cutting out shapes that resembled parts of the teddy bear. I worked out which parts of the teddy bear’s body I’d segment and a plan on how to assemble them together ont the canvas.
The next day I went to Eckersley’s art and craft store to get some materials. The images on the left are process shots of my cut-out teddy bear segments. 
In the previous night I had prepped up some templates so I can use them to cut the shapes out from the cardboard paper and felt sheets. I used fabric glue to attach the felt pieces to the cardboard pieces (just to stiffen the material more). I stuck the teddy bear onto a piece of yellow felt.
Alas, the finished artwork. I used paper clip to fix the teddy bear canvas to the front of the A5 cardboard card. I chose not to glue the teddy onto the card because I wanted it to be a detachable little artwork that can be placed on a fridge, on a wall etc. The card itself can be recycled as there is no finish on the material and little glue (non-toxic, acid free) was used.  Inside the card (which I didn't take a picture of) were watercolour paper glued onto the cardboard card just as a place to write lovely messages on.
My mother has given this card to her friend now. Our thoughts are with their family.
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